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Outside NA: 001-209-417-3722

MH Quizzes and Tests To Challenge your Knowledge

Quizzes and Tests

Challenge Your Knowledge

MH Case Challenges are being converted to MH Quizzes and Tests to challenge your knowledge about the recognition, diagnosis, and treatment of Malignant Hyperthermia. Both quizzes and tests are pass fail and can be taken as many times as needed to pass.

The MH Hotline Case Challenge Quizzes are actual cases submitted by MH Hotline Consultants for you to manage by selecting the correct answers.

Certificates Of Achievement

Certificates of achievement for each test and quiz are valid for one year and will be available to print out from your profile.

Your Success Is Recognized

Results of MH Quizzes and Tests are published in the MH Prep Report, which lists the names of healthcare facilities where staff have taken various quizzes and the MH Preparedness Test. The MH Prep Report can searched by city, state and zip. The results of your search displays names of facilities (but not the names of the individuals) that have taken quizzes and the MH Preparedness Test. *Be sure to include your facility name and full address in order to be added to the MHAUS website

Making the results available online helps people interested in MH become more aware of health care resources in their community.  The results also help MHAUS determine regions where further education in MH recognition, diagnosis, and treatment will be beneficial.

Challenge yourself today!


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If you would like your facility to show on the MHAUS website, you must be sure your membership profile includes your organization name and full address. 

MH Preparedness Test

The new MH Preparedness Test is good way to follow up the
In Service Video or any discussion about MH.

MH Hotline Case Challenge Quizzes

The mission of MHAUS is to promote optimum care and
scientific understanding of MH and related disorders.