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Outside NA: 001-209-417-3722


MHAUS offers the following videos for information about Malignant Hyperthermia.  These videos can also be found embedded in the relevant pages throughout our site.

MH Mock Drill Kit Video Trailer 

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MHAUS thanks Dr. Gravenstein, Dr. Rabai, and Dr. Smith for their focused efforts to oversee the completion of videos depicting the MH Mock Drill Kit samples of possible MH scenarios.  Their portrayals were superbly done.


In-Service Video Trailer

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Watch this educational webinar recording about preparing your anesthesia machine. 

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Watch our Video Blog (VLOG) about the MH Hotline by Dr. Henry Rosenberg. 

Download the MH Hotline Slideshow Here

Watch our Video Blog (VLOG) about the MH Hotline by Dr. Henry Rosenberg. 

Download the MH Hotline Slideshow Here

Watch the discussion with MH susceptible individuals and MH experts! MH Susceptible Patient, Cheryl Mercer and two MH Experts, Drs. Joe Tobin and Stacey Watt address your “burning” MH questions.

Watch as Dr. Joe Tobin interviews Dr. Sheila Muldoon about the development of the MH lab at USU. 

Watch as Dr. Stanley Caroff interviews Dr. Rosenberg about how and why MHAUS came to be.

Dr. Thomas Nelson talks about malignant hyperthermia history and research with Dr. Joseph Tobin.

Total runtime: 51m 30s

Watch Dr. Darlene Mashman present about being prepared for MH at an Ambulatory or Office-based Surgery Center. 

MHAUS Members can access the full recording FREE! 

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Listen as Dallas Pennington presents 6 significant events in the history of the Malignant Hyperthermia Association of the United States.

Total runtime: 7m 51s

This webinar was provided to help you! Watch our speaker, Jennifer Geurts, Certified Genetic Counselor talk about and answer questions about Genetics as they pertain to MH.

We know those with malignant hyperthermia susceptibility have a lot of questions. This webinar was provided to help you! Watch our speakers, John Capacchione, MD and Lydia Friedman, MHAUS Volunteer, answer questions about MH Awake Symptoms, Testing Options, and Heat Related Illnesses and their relation to MH.

Where can patients go for the muscle biopsy test for MH? Can a sample be taken and sent to a testing lab? If not, why?

Why has Mannitol been taken off the list of drugs to be stocked on the MH cart?

Does MHAUS state a specific temperature range for refrigerated supplies for an MH event?

What are the parameters for dosing with Dantrolene Sodium for injection during an MH event?

Are MHS patients candidates for surgery? Watch this video for details.

Are MHS patients candidates for outpatient surgery? Watch this video for details.


Provides in depth information regarding malignant hyperthermia, MHAUS, the North American Malignant Hyperthermia Registry of MHAUS (NAMHR) and testing.

Total runtime: 8m 5s


A detailed video narrated by Dr. Cynthia Wong, MHAUS Hotline Consultant, who describes the signs and symptoms of malignant hyperthermia, how to deal with an MH Crisis, MH genetics, MH testing and the MH Hotline.

Total runtime: 34m 19s


Early 1980s simulation of an MH event in a child unveiling some of the initial signs of MH and the corresponding action required. Shares recognition of signs of MH and steps taken to counteract it. Other options can be found in the Challenging Cases from the MH Hotline. Click here to see them. MHAUS offers our thanks to Drs. Gruener, Suffecool, and DeYoung for their work on this project; and to Damian Blanck, Dr. Thomas Blanck’s son, for taking on the role of an MH patient. The simulation shown was excerpted from the 1979 film “Malignant Hyperthermia: The Clinical Syndrome”.

Total runtime: 5m 42s


Dr. Henry Rosenberg, President of MHAUS, shares insight on the importance of the lifesaving MH Hotline.

Total runtime: 4m 39s


See how Dantrolene Sodium is prepared for rapid IV injection.

Total runtime: 2m 14s

Watch how to quickly and easily reconstitute and administer RYANODEX® in the event of an MH crisis. (Courtesy Eagle Pharmaceuticals, Inc.)


Nurses give insight on MHAUS' "Let's Save a Life" mini-conference. Consider hosting a mini-conference at your facility to be certain are up-to-date on MH treatment and training.

Total runtime: 4m 11s


A patient's perspective of why it is important for all healthcare providers to be knowledgeable about malignant hyperthermia.

Total runtime: 6m 49s


Listen to Deanna Steele, Genetic Counselor, share details of the genetics involved in Malignant Hyperthermia. 

Total runtime: 6m 31s


The Caffeine Halothane Contracture Test (CHCT) is performed as a muscle biopsy at testing centers in the North America. This video presents an actual muscle biopsy, or Caffeine Halothane Contracture Test (CHCT).

Total runtime: 11m 8s


Watch Drs. Gerry Gronert and Henry Rosenberg discuss the origins of the FDA warnings in regard to succinylcholine.

Total runtime: 4m 46s


Click here for full playlist

Watch Keith Ellis, Ph.D. and Henry Rosenberg, MD share the history of how and why dantrolene sodium for injection was developed.

Total runtime: 50m


Historic video from the early 1980s with Dr. Thomas Blanck sharing MH-susceptible pig reaction to anesthesia and resolution of effects with antidote and recovery of the pig to normal state. This was first shown in 1980 at the World Congress of Anesthesiology meeting in Hamburg, Germany and soon after at an MH workshop in Philadelphia. MHAUS would like to thank Drs. Gruener, Suffecool, and DeYoung, in addition to Dr. Blanck, for their work on this project.

Total runtime: 9m 27s


Dr. Thomas JJ Blanck explains reasoning for MH Muscle Biopsy Test; also called a Caffeine Halothane Contracture Test from late 1970s/early 1980s. Remains relevant today.

Total runtime: 3m 38s


MHAUS remembers one of the pioneers in the study of Malignant Hyperthermia, Dr. Michael Denborough of Australia (July, 11, 1929 to February 8, 2014)

Total runtime: 6m 31s

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MH In-Service Video
MH In-Service Video

Video for every healthcare professional concerned about a MH Crisis in DVD or Online format. 

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