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How Much Dantrolene Should Be Kept On Hand?

To treat an MH episode, an initial dose of dantrolene at 2.5 mg/kg is recommended, with a suggested upper limit of 10 mg/kg. If a patient of average weight (approximately 70 kg) were to require dantrolene at the upper dosing limit, then at least 700 mg of dantrolene would be needed.

  • DANTRIUM®/REVONTO® – stock a minimum of 36 - 20 mg vials
  • RYANODEX®– stock a minimum of 3 - 250 mg vials

In addition, a review of cases has shown that in a “worse case” scenario of a very large person (i.e., about 100-110 kg or 220 – 250 pounds) having an acute MH incident, as much as 8-10 mg/kg will be needed for treatment; higher doses may be required on rare occasions.

This regimen of dantrolene will allow for initial stabilization and treatment while more vials are being acquired to continue treatment, as needed.

Watch this video FAQ for more information.

FAQ Video: Parameters for Dantrolene Sodium Injection
FAQ Video: Parameters for Dantrolene Sodium Injection

What are the parameters for dosing with Dantrolene Sodium for injection during an MH event?

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