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24-HOUR MH HOTLINE: 800-644-9737
Outside NA: 001-209-417-3722

MHAUS Webinar Series

View the new MHAUS Webinar Series - a group of recordings from past webinars. 

Disclaimer: Malignant Hyperthermia Association of the United States. All rights reserved. The claims and opinions expressed in these webinars are those of the presenters and not necessarily the views or opinions of MHAUS, its staff or its advertisers.


Completed Webinars: 

Living with MH - An Open Discussion

Let's Talk about Genetic Testing for MH

What Should be Stocked on an MH Cart? 

Living with MH - An Open Discussion Part 2

How to Run an MH Mock Drill: A Practical Guide 

MH Associated Conditions Webinar 

MH Case Scenario Discussion 

Dental Procedures and MH Susceptibility 

MH Outside of the OR

MH Case Scenario Discussion 

Live Q&A with Dr. Tobin 

Temperature Monitoring During Surgical Procedures 

Managing an MH Crisis 

The MH Hotline Experience

Alternative Anesthetic Protocols for MH Susceptible Individuals 

Prepare for Surgery 

Cleaning an Anesthesia Machine

MH Mock Drill - A Practical Application

Post-Acute Phase MH Treatment

MH in an ASC or Office Based Center

Guidance for the MH-Susceptible Individual 

MH Treatment - What can go wrong?

Live Q&A with Dr. Tobin

MH Case Discussion

After an MH Crisis - Patient Follow Up

Screening the MH Patient



Upcoming Webinars:

  • All Things Genetic
  • The Acute Crisis - What To Do?
  • Real Hotline Call
  • How to give an MH In-Service
  • I have MH - Now What? 
  • Why MH Mock Drills? 
  • Awake Symptoms and Heat Related MH-like Illnesses
  • Live Q&A
  • Preparing for an MH Susceptible Patient
  • MH Case Discussion

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