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24-HOUR MH HOTLINE: 800-644-9737

Donation Options

Donation Options

When you donate to MHAUS, you are providing the resources needed to promote optimum care and scientific understanding of Malignant Hyperthermia and related disorders.

Donations have helped to reduce morbidity attributed to MH from grater than 85 percent in 1981 to less than five percent today.

Donations support calls to the 24-hour MH Hotline, continuation of research by medical professionals using the North American MH Registry of MHAUS’ database, papers written by medical professionals affiliated with MHAUS, MH information shared with attendees at medical meetings, and MHAUS-sponsored scientific conferences. These are just some of the ways we put your donation dollars to work.

Donate to the 2018 Year End Appeal 

Consider how you can help us reach our goal for MHAUS’ 2018 Year End Appeal of $20,000. We know we can make it; but not without your help. ​

Donate to the General Fund

See expressions of esteem, remembrance, and respect or make a donation in memory of or in honor of a loved one on the Honorifics Page.

To see a full list of MHAUS’ donation funding options, go to our Donation Funds and click on the fund of your choice.

Named Funds

To add a “named” fund to our list of available funds, please contact the office.

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The mission of MHAUS is to promote optimum care and
scientific understanding of MH and related disorders.