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Outside NA: 001-209-417-3722

Resolutions for MHAUS

My New Year’s Resolutions for 2020

Not necessarily in order of importance!

Henry Rosenberg, MD

President, MHAUS


Completion of MHAUS bylaws revision and strategic plan for the future

Reduce the mortality and major complications related to MH as close to zero as possible

Continue to provide the latest information about MH to the community

Collaborate with the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation in disseminating information about the latest developments of MH

Develop an MH scientific meeting for late 2020 with the help of several PAC members and hotline consultants

Provide more information and advice concerning exertional heat stroke and MH (proposing to add Dr. John Capacchione to our Board, an anesthesiologist with expertise in exertional heat stroke.  Dr. Capacchione to attend spring board meeting to complete the consideration process.)

Publish the proceedings of the September 2019 Hotline /PAC conference

Continue to work with a consortium of clinicians and scientists to more clearly identify genetic changes predictive of MH. Finalize the recommendations.

Add a genetic counselor to the Board of MHAUS (Megan McMinn has been put forth by NSGC as a candidate and will attend the spring board meeting to complete the consideration process.)

Work with Dr. Pinyavat, medical director of the MHAUS hotline and the leaders of the North American MH Registry to record hotline calls in a searchable database

Involve more patients in activities of MHAUS

Assist in developing monthly webinars

Explore the possibility of developing other MHAUS-like organizations in non-first world countries, especially making dantrolene available in all countries

Introduce a research study concerning the incidence of clinical episodes of MH in the US using electronic anesthesia records.  (A request for proposals is being distributed at this time)

Explore how the RYR-1 Foundation and MHAUS can collaborate on activities and programs

Assist in developing an app for MH (currently being developed by Dr. Thierry Girard of the EMHG)

Be a resource for other healthcare related, not for profit organizations with administrative issues


The mission of MHAUS is to promote optimum care and
scientific understanding of MH and related disorders.