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MHAUS President’s Challenge Nearly Met!

Were you interested to know the results of the MHAUS President’s Challenge issued toward the end of November 2014 and was open through December 25, 2014?

The challenge was ALMOST met completely!  We received donations equaling about 90% of the challenge, or $4,480.  Thus, the total amount received will be $8,960 as a result! 

MHAUS would like to thank our generous President, Dr. Henry Rosenberg, and his wife, Dr. Henrietta Rosenberg, for their initial “matching funds” challenge  of $5,000; and the MHAUS donors who used this opportunity to “double” their donation’s impact.

The funds received will be used toward internal initiatives going on at MHAUS and to support various aspects within our organization; such as genetic research, MH education, and MH preparedness tools.  We are updating a few important tools right now: the revision of the MH Emergency Therapy Protocol Poster (ORPO) and the accompanying Medical Professionals’ Pocket Card (MPPC) which shares the poster in a pocket-sized version.  These are just a few of the multi-pronged efforts we make to assure there is up-to-date information on MH always ready to provide a resource to healthcare professionals and patients who are searching for answers to their questions.  Feel free to peruse the website to get a taste of what  it offers in the way of answers to those “burning questions”.

Speaking of answering questions, we recently updated our website to make contact forms available that, once filled out, are automatically sent to multiple areas within the MHAUS organization.  For instance, if you have a question about the clinical aspects of MH, send it to our MH Hotline Experts using the form for questions about treating MH, or a question from patients and their family members can go directly to the Patient Liaison Committee Chair for insight, the MHAUS President and Executive Director and staff who handle specific internal functions of MHAUS can also be directly reached through this method.  We are focused on providing answers within a 72 hour timeline, if at all possible.  Go to https://mhaus.site-ym.com/general/?type=CONTACT and check it out.

Finally, we could not accomplish the huge strides we have been able to make without the selfless sharing of our MH experts’ precious time and expertise.  These individuals review our materials, provide answers and help to those calling the MH hotline, reply to questions from our customers, and are always there to help us better understand this disorder as well.  Their volunteer efforts are the basis of our knowledge bank that is unparalleled - and we appreciate each and every one of them!

Thank you again for your support and let us know if you have any ideas or concerns via the online contact forms! 

With warmest regards I remain,

Dianne Daugherty,
MHAUS Executive Director



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