MHAUS Recommendations

On topics that we are frequently asked for guidance, the following evidence-based recommendations have been developed for use in the healthcare community:

The MHAUS Recommendation Development Process:

  • Research and review of a topic by an MH expert;
  • Preparation of a summary document, which includes the proposed recommendations and includes rationale and supporting evidence.
  • Review of MHAUS Professional Advisory Council and the MH Hotline Consultants;
  • Review of the document in a “public comment” period of 30 days and considered for the final recommendation.

Once the appropriate revisions are made to the  recommendation document and approved by a majority of our MHAUS advisers, we will formally release it here on MHAUS.org

Recommendations Open for Comment:

There are no recommendations currently open for comment.


As an advocacy group MHAUS does not write standards. Recommendations developed and promulgated by MHAUS are intended to assist professionals who are responsible for making health care decisions. MHAUS’ recommendations focus on minimizing the risk to individual patients for rare adverse events rather than necessarily on practices that balance all aspects of population health quality and cost. MHAUS does not intend for these recommendations to be standards, guidelines, practice parameters, or clinical requirements nor does application of these recommendations guarantee any specific outcome. Furthermore, these recommendations may be adopted, modified, or rejected according to clinical needs and restraints. MHAUS recognizes that these recommendations are subject to revision as warranted by the evolution of medical knowledge, technology, and practice. Additionally, individual MH consultant opinion may vary and variability of opinion of different responses based on given clinical situation.



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